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Hiking for Healing - Dani's Drive - Seek Adventure Find Simplicity - Grief - Pet Loss - How to Heal

Hiking for Healing

They say it flows in stages but, for me, grief has been a rollercoaster. However, I've found something that helps---hiking for healing.
A Walk in the Woods_Travel Journal_Shanahan Ridge_Boulder Colorado_Dani's Drive_Hiking_Day Hike

A Walk in the Woods

I hiked a new trail today. A loop called Shanahan Ridge. As I walked up the steady incline through a spacious evergreen forest, my mind drifted to the
Startled by Silence - Travel Journal - Handies Peak - Adventure Inspiration - Colorado - 14er - Fourteener - Hiking - Day Hike - Dani's Drive

Startled by Silence

The sound of the river faded in and out as the trail wound its way between the trees. A gentle breeze wrapped around me. Twigs snapped under the weight of my boots.
A Deer! Oh Dear. | A Columbine Lake Trail Adventure | Dani's Drive | Travel Journal | Adventure Inspiration | Seek Adventure. Find Simplicity.

A Deer! Oh dear.

There was a time when I thought deer were great. But today, for reasons you’ll soon learn, I no longer felt that way.
Here Comes the Sun - Dani's Drive - Adventure - Colorado - Black Canyon of the Gunninson - National Park - United States - US - Hiking - Outdoors - Outside - Seek Adventure. Find Simplicity.

Here Comes the Sun

I turned left off the main highway. The air was heavy with darkness. There were no streetlights out here.
Uhuru Peak - Summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro - Mount Kili - Tanzania - Africa - Lemosho Route - Travel Stories - Hiking - Porters - Trekking - Adventure - Climbing Kilimanjaro - Dani's Drive - Seek Adventure. Find Simplicity.

UHURU PEAK | Summiting Kilimanjaro

Our crew wakes us up at 11pm. The wind is howling and shaking the tent as hefty sheets of what sounds like rain threaten to break through. Surely we’re not going to hike a mountain in this?!
Origins - A New Adventure - Fresh Start - New Beginnings - Dani's Drive - Seek Adventure - Find Simplicity - Personal Growth - Explore - Be Present - Origin

ORIGINS | A New Adventure

It is that perfect time of morning. When the sunlight breaks over the horizon, illuminating the mountainous view in front of you. An eagerness fills the air. What will today's adventure hold?
I invite you to join the adventure!