Hi there! I’m Dani, an avid adventurer living in Denver, CO and founder of Dani’s Drive, a faith-based lifestyle site that is all about helping you seek adventure and find simplicity.

My Mission

I believe that God has planted a deep longing for adventure in the heart of every human. And women, in particular, desire to share in this adventure with others. 

This yearning gives adventure a unique opportunity to quickly create tight-knit bonds and unify people, regardless of their differences. 

Have you ever wondered why, when you meet new people while traveling, you almost instantly feel like great friends? Have you noticed that years later you still regularly talk to people you only crossed paths with for a few days?

I sure have. 

I’ve found an unspeakable peace in adventure. Exploring God’s world leaves me in a perfectly balanced state of joy, humility, and contentment.

And I want you to experience it as well.

Dani’s Drive was born out of a passion to show people the beauty of God’s world, to inspire readers to seek adventure, and to help tear down whatever barriers may stand in their way.  

I’m so glad you’re here. 

Please have a look around and I hope you find something that helps you to seek adventure and find simplicity.

Danielle Steffens - Cherry Blossoms in Japan - Dani's Drive - About - Seek Adventure. Find Simplicity
Cherry blossoms in Japan. PC: Kyle Massey
Dani Steffens - Shungu Elephant South Africa - Dani's Drive - Seek Adventure. Find Simplicity - About

Shungu, the elephant, in South Africa. PC: Erin Shattock


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I invite you to join the adventure!