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I believe every human has a thirst for adventure. Personally, there’s nothing I enjoy more than quenching that thirst and I love to help others do the same. I hope you find some inspiration as you look around!

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Missouri Moutain_Dani's Drive_Seek Adventure. Find Simplicity_14er_Colorado-Hiking_Day Hike_Solo Hiking_Sawatch

Missouri Mountain

Missouri Mountain is a great peak to day trip from Denver. If you're getting into solo hiking, this is also a very manageable peak to do alone.
Rustler's Gulch_Dani's Drive_Seek Adventure Find Simplicity_Day Hike_Crested Butte_Hiking_Adventure_Elk Mountains_Half Day_Camping

Rustler’s Gulch

Rustler’s Gulch is one of those hikes that is stunningly beautiful the whole way.
Hiking for Healing - Dani's Drive - Seek Adventure Find Simplicity - Grief - Pet Loss - How to Heal

Hiking for Healing

They say it flows in stages but, for me, grief has been a rollercoaster. However, I've found something that helps---hiking for healing.
Horn Peak - View of the Crestones - Dani's Drive - Seek Adventure Find Simplicity - Hiking - Day Hike - Solo Adventure

Horn Peak

If you’re looking for a great starter solo adventure with stunning views, look no further. Horn Peak is it!
A Walk in the Woods_Travel Journal_Shanahan Ridge_Boulder Colorado_Dani's Drive_Hiking_Day Hike

A Walk in the Woods

I hiked a new trail today. A loop called Shanahan Ridge. As I walked up the steady incline through a spacious evergreen forest, my mind drifted to the
Shanahan Ridge_Hiking_Boulder_Colorado_Winter Hike_Dani's Drive_Day Hike_Travel_Journal

Shanahan Ridge

There are so many hikes around Denver, like Shanahan Ridge, that I've been avoiding because they get very crowded. But recently it occurred to me that the winter is the perfect opportunity to tick some of these off!
Startled by Silence - Travel Journal - Handies Peak - Adventure Inspiration - Colorado - 14er - Fourteener - Hiking - Day Hike - Dani's Drive

Startled by Silence

The sound of the river faded in and out as the trail wound its way between the trees. A gentle breeze wrapped around me. Twigs snapped under the weight of my boots.
A Deer! Oh Dear. | A Columbine Lake Trail Adventure | Dani's Drive | Travel Journal | Adventure Inspiration | Seek Adventure. Find Simplicity.

A Deer! Oh dear.

There was a time when I thought deer were great. But today, for reasons you’ll soon learn, I no longer felt that way.
Here Comes the Sun - Dani's Drive - Adventure - Colorado - Black Canyon of the Gunninson - National Park - United States - US - Hiking - Outdoors - Outside - Seek Adventure. Find Simplicity.

Here Comes the Sun

I turned left off the main highway. The air was heavy with darkness. There were no streetlights out here.
11 Irresistible Things to do in Denver this Winter - Ideas for Winter Activities - Fun - Adventure - Colorado - Snow - Outside - Outdoor - Dani's Drive

11 Irresistible Things to Do Near Denver this Winter

With reservation systems limiting mountain resort access this year, here are 11 irresistible things to do near Denver this winter that don't involve buying a lift ticket!
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