The Story Behind Dani's Drive

Seek Adventure. Find Simplicity.


It’s that perfect time of morning. When the sunlight breaks over the horizon, illuminating the mountainous view in front of me.

The heat from my seat warmer perfectly balances the crisp morning air gushing through my windows. I love these peaceful morning drives

An eagerness fills the air. I breathe in deep.




What will today’s adventure hold?

Will I be anxious to reach my destination? Will I feel rushed to get there? Will that pesky voice in my head tell me I should be going faster?

Or will I remember to embrace each moment? Enjoy each step? Take in each view?

The latter is what I strive for.

There’s nothing quite like it. The feeling of endless possibilities. A whole new place to explore. And no expectations as to what I’ll find. Just a completely new environment to immerse myself in. Immersed to the point that I let it affect me. Let it teach me something new about myself. 

That’s what adventure is about. Learning who you are. Allowing new experiences to break through your walls and show you your strength. Show you your drive.

When I seek adventure, I find simplicity.

Simplicity in appreciating each moment for what it is, what it reveals in me, good or bad. Simplicity in ignoring the “shoulds”. Simplicity in the knowledge that if this moment scares me, if this moment feels like too much to bear, I can wash it away. 

An inhale. 

An exhale. 

A new moment. 

A new adventure.

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